Who are you ?

My name is Thomas Mezey and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am an artist/entrepreneur that left the film industry to explore possibilities and tell some original stories in a unique way. 


Why choose MezeyMAT ?

Take a look and see how you feel. The large format of the mat summons your attention and stays true to the scope of the aerial perspective. It's use is really up to you to define, great for everything from yoga to just making your home more chill. 


Where did you find the inspiration for MezeyMAT ?

MezeyMAT is born out of the habit of demanding more from myself and the personal and artistic need to do things differently from others. Using new tools, asking new questions, and filling unexplored spaces that are interesting.


Where does design, manufacturing, and shipping take place ?

I design and do all the work in BC. Product is shipped from Vancouver and manufactured by my friends in China. I stock limited quantities and won't reprint any mat designs. 


 What is your Shipping/Return policy ?

MezeyMAT is about feeling good. If you feel you'd like a refund or replacement just contact us within 30 days and we'll remedy the issue. We will cover the cost of return if there is a manufacturing defect in the mat.